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“As an experienced consultant reservoir geologist, Meriem specialises in process-based sedimentology, structural geology and borehole imaging. She has a proven track record in multi-disciplinary sedimentological and structural studies. She also leads the technical assurance and training of the Company’s borehole image and structural work. Having developed and delivered numerous BHI training courses, Meriem’s experience and understanding as a tutor and industry expert guides learners to valuable focused learning outcomes. Meriem can deliver training in both English and French. ”

CEO and BHI specialist

Meriem Bertouche

“Dr. Gould has over 48 years’ experience in the industry. He has been responsible for research and development in reservoir, pipeline, real-time, training, and graphics software. Dr. Gould has gained a broad range of experience as a reservoir engineering consultant. He has conducted numerous oil, gas, and gas storage reservoir simulation studies. Recently, he has specialized in integrated studies management, thermal recovery simulation, EOR simulation, and mentoring. Dr. Gould has received the Cedrick K. Ferguson Medal from SPE and he is a Distinguished Member of SPE.”

Senior Consultant - Engineering

Thomas Gould

“Ahmad has 23 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. A mechanical engineer by background and petroleum engineer by practice, Ahmad progressed from managing small scale projects at the start of his career, to heading the projects and operations department in his last company, before, along with a couple of friends, starting his own advisory practice. Since 2018, He is a founding partner of Revolve Advisory, a general management advisory boutique based in Kuwait and serving Middle Eastern clients and supporting them in achieving their goals. ”


Ahmad Mulla-Juma

“Laura specialises in sedimentology, diagenesis and reservoir quality characterisation of limestones and dolomites in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. She has wide experience in the Middle East, the USA, Europe and Africa. As a senior member of the Badley Ashton team Laura is an experienced tutor and mentor sharing her expertise through course development and training. She has produced and delivered numerous carbonate courses worldwide. As a native Italian speaker, Laura can train in both English and Italian.”

Senior Carbonate Reservoir Geologist

Laura Galluccio

“In his technical work Anis specialises in reservoir engineering and is an experienced university lecturer, teaching second year M.Sc. students the fundamentals of petrophysics and reservoir simulation, utilising Petrel RE. Anis excels at presentation and teaching, as he is a consummate communicator and linguist, fluent in English, French, and Arabic.”

Reservoir Engineer

Anis Seksaf

“Catherine is a Carbonate Reservoir Geologist with specialisms in carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis, using a range of techniques from the core to the SEM-scale. With a strong background in field geology, core-logging, carbonate sedimentology and geochemistry. A popular tutor, Catherine frequently delivers training for Badley Ashton online, in the classroom and in the field.”

Carbonate Reservoir Geologist

Catherine Breislin

“Andy has over 34 years with ExxonMobil working as a petrophysicist after commencing his career in the minerals and coal industries His petrophysical experience covers Australia, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea, Libya, Sakhalin Island and Gulf of Mexico. While in Houston, Andy worked as lead professional, which included working with the research departments of all the major logging vendors evaluating and assisting development of their new logging technologies, where he became recognized as a global expert in wireline and LWD tool technologies. A large part of his career has been spent mentoring junior petrophysicists and sharing his experience with his peers, both internally and externally through formal lecturing and presentations at seminars and conferences, including delivering a Key Note address at the Perth SPWLA seminar on LWD vs Wireline Technologies. Currently he delivers petrophysics courses at Universities of Adelaide and Melbourne. Andy has served as an SPE Technical Editor for over 10 years for which he was awarded Outstanding Editor on multiple occasions.”

Global Training Professional

Andy Mills

“Patrick McGuire is a Reservoir Engineer with 45 years of energy industry experience. He is a world-class expert in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and has worked on gas injection and low salinity EOR opportunities across the world. He worked for many years designing and implementing advanced oil recovery processes for the North Slope of Alaska, which is home to North America’s largest oil fields and some of the world's largest EOR projects. Mr. McGuire previously worked for Sandia National Laboratories and Los Alamos National Laboratories doing various forms of energy research. He authored two technical papers on drilling technology while at Sandia, and four technical papers on the development of methane hydrates as an energy resource while at Los Alamos. He authored numerous technical papers on Enhanced Oil Recovery while working for ARCO and BP. Mr. McGuire holds seven U. S. patents. While serving as a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers during 1998 and 1999, Mr. McGuire addressed over 30 SPE sections in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. His EOR papers have been peer-reviewed and published in various SPE journals.”

Senior Consultant Engineering

Patrick McGuire

“Walter Dobbs has 25+ years of experience forecasting reservoir behavior and supporting programs designed to maximize oil and gas recovery and investment returns. He specializes in dynamic reservoir modeling, well performance analysis, and reservoir fluids characterization and has participated in field studies for conventional and unconventional plays in several North American and worldwide basins. Walt has provided technical analysis to rationalize field developments for conventional, unconventional, onshore, and deep water plays in the DJ, Permian, Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, Western Canadian, and Berkine Basins. His experience includes cost-effective reservoir depletion schemes such as water-flood and gas injection to maximize hydrocarbon recovery, and physics-based fracture and reservoir modeling with multivariate analysis used to forecast field performance and create elegant well spacing and completion designs that reduced production cost and improved commercial metrics.”

Senior Consultant - Engineering

Walt Dobbs

“Eric Ding is a registered professional engineer (Minnesota) with 25+ years' experience, including reservoir engineering studies for international operators in Alaska and Algeria. His responsibilities have included computer based reservoir simulation studies, project management and field operations. He has expertise with both building and running reservoir simulation models, having managed and analysed PVT/EOS and SCAL studies. He has utilized large reservoir models to generate history matched models and conduct reservoir development and optimization studies. The reservoirs have ranged from water, gas, and miscible floods in fields with light and viscous oils, gas condensates, tight reservoirs with fractured wells, and thermal recovery of heavy oil. He has been active in simulation and screening of unconventional EOR projects using cyclic hydrocarbon gas injection. Mr. Ding is a licensed Professional Engineer (Petroleum) in the state of Minnesota.”

Senior Consultant - Engineering

Eric Ding

“Anthony specialises in carbonate sedimentology, stratigraphy and diagenesis using a range of techniques from the outcrop-scale to the SEM-scale. He has extensive experience in Mesozoic carbonate deposits of the Mediterranean and Middle East regions and has published many papers on the Barremian-Aptian interval. Enthusiastic and forward thinking, Anthony is involved in many training ventures and enjoys a collaborative learning experience. As a native French speaker Anthony can deliver training in both English and French.”

Carbonate Reservoir Geologist

Anthony Tendil

“Rebecca has wide experience in a range of alluvial, aeolian, glacial and shallow marine systems across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America. She is a specialist in interpretation and integration of core, petrographic and reservoir quality evaluation, ichnofabric analysis and borehole image interpretation. As Fluvial expert, Rebecca shares her expertise through development, training and academic media and is leading the company’s training and development platform.”

Senior Clastic Reservoir Geologist

Rebecca Smith

“Boris provides technical consultancy, training and quality control in his role as a Consultant Reservoir Geologist. He has particular expertise in process-based sedimentological evaluations of paralic clastic systems in Alaska, Trinidad, Kuwait, Iraq, the North Sea and the Caspian Sea and mixed carbonate-clastic systems in the Middle East. Boris leads field and classroom-based courses, workshops and is co-editor of a Special Publication on the Sedimentology of Paralic Reservoirs published by the Geological Society of London. As a native German speaker Boris can deliver training in both English and German.”

COO and Consultant Reservoir Geologist

Boris Kostic

“With over 30 years experience as a consultant reservoir geologist, Andrea has built a reputation for high-quality integrated clastic reservoir description. She has undertaken sedimentological analysis in the range of clastic environments around the world, with specialism in fluvial, aeolian and paralic systems. Andrea is a highly proficient mentor and tutor, maintaining high training standards. Whether a multiday field trip, case study presentation or workshop, Andrea shares her enthusiasm for the subject.”

Chief Geologist

Andrea James

“As an experienced consultant reservoir geologist, Adrian specialises in sedimentological and structural core logging, borehole image (BHI) interpretation, depositional models, and the conditioning of data for reservoir models. He has long experience in clastic environments, including paralic and deepwater turbidite reservoirs, and unconventional reservoirs. Adrian’s experience includes 11 years as a Senior Lecturer in Geology and as such, is an excellent tutor, delivering his expertise and understanding to all levels in a clear and engaging way. ”

Consultant Reservoir Geologist

Adrian Neal

“Allison is a registered professional Geologist with over 20 years of experience in the Western Canadian oil and gas sector. She has held variety of roles over her career including Hydrogeologist, Development Geologist focused on Enhanced Oil Recovery, Geomodeler in a reservoir simulation group, and her current role as Senior Hydrodynamicist focused on carbon storage. She holds an Adult Educator certificate and enjoys sharing her extensive experience working with reservoir pressure data, fluid chemistry data and geomodels through course development and training. ”

Senior Hydrodynamicist

Allison Gibbs

“Nicolas focuses on sedimentological clastic environments including aeolian, fluvial and paralic and is specialised in highly detailed core description and borehole image data loading/interpretation, together with integration of orientated core CT scans, to facilitate sedimentological and structural characterisation. This allows for production of fully integrated depositional models to help define reservoir architecture. As a natural communicator, Nicolas has produced and tutored a number of training courses focusing on the value of core description and borehole image integration. ”

Clastic Reservoir Geologist

Nicolas Foote

“Stuart gained his Ph.D entitled “ Long-term evolution of Montserrat volcanism’ in 2018 from the University of Southampton, UK and now specialises in clastic and carbonate petrography. He has a strong background in field geology and teaching, covering topics that include sedimentary systems, geological mapping, structural geology, and geochemistry. ”

Clastic Reservoir Geologist

Stuart Hatter

“Founder and director, Scott has over 30 years experience with ExxonMobil on 7 continents, 19 countries and 27 sedimentary basins. Early in his career, he spent 2 years in a dedicated Formation Evaluation Expert programme at Exxon Production Research as one of only five graduates of the programme, consisting of Well Testing, Petrophysics, Core Analysis, Cased Hole Nuclear and Mud Logging. He has extensive experience in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs in North and South America, West Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australasia. His specialisation is in field studies, rock typing, special core analysis, cased-hole surveillance, and NMR core and log programme planning, supervision, processing and evaluation. He holds an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University. Scott is also a technical editor of the SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering Journal and received the 2018 Outstanding Technical Editor award. He holds lifetime memberships in the SPE, SPWLA, SCA, and regular member of the AAPG, RSNZ, GSNZ and EngNZ.”

Principal and Managing Director

Scott Dodge

“Marcello is an experienced carbonate geologist and seismic interpreter. He has more than 22 years experience in exploration-related geology (of which 14+ with operators, such as Repsol and Statoil). Over the last years he has been focusing on building a new methodology (a Carbonate Seismic Scorecard, soon to be published in Badalì et al. 2021, AAPG Bulletin) to recognize carbonate targets from seismic data. He recently created his own consulting company, where he performs interpretation of carbonates at a basin to prospect/reservoir scale, using seismic stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and seismic attribute imaging. He also helps assess and rank carbonate prospects and predict reservoir properties of carbonate sedimentary and diagenetic (including fractured) plays, through seismic analysis, field and outcrop analog study and core, thin section and well-log integration. During his career he has developed an extensive and worldwide (e.g. SE Asia, Middle East, Mex/US GOM, S/N Mediterranean, Caribbean, Russia, West Africa, Black Sea, Portugal, Ireland) project experience in Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Tertiary carbonate plays. Marcello can train in English, Spanish, French and Italian.”

MD & Senior Consultant

Marcello Badalì

“Michael has over 32 years exploration and production experience including 15 years with a major international operator. Mike specializes in all aspects of integrated reservoir studies including seismic interpretation, velocity modeling, well log correlation, pressure data analysis, routine and special core analysis, and all aspects of geocellular modeling. Mr. May’s experience includes clastic and carbonate reservoirs within the varied structural settings of North and South America, the Middle East, and North Africa. Mike is a coauthor of the class and has spent considerable time mentoring junior client staff through online and in office collaborative sessions.”

Senior Geoscience Consultant

Michael T. May

“David has both domestic and international expertise. He has over 40 years. experience in formation evaluation, field studies and petrophysical integration of subsurface data, including core to log integration, production log interpretation, and thin bed pay analysis. Mr. Smith is skilled in leadership, management, mentoring, training, creativity, networking, problem solving, communications, planning, and organizing.”

Senior Petrophysics Consultant

David Smith

“Jamin has 24 years exploration and production experience with major operators. Mr. DePrang specializes in all aspects of integrated reservoir studies with key emphasis on complex structural modelling, clastic sequence stratigraphy, MPS (Multi-point statistical modelling) and assisted history matching. He believes in creating realistic geologic fit for purpose models. Mr. DePrang’s experience includes clastic and carbonate reservoirs within the varied structural settings of; Alaska, US Onshore, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Kazakhstan, Australia (NW Shelf), Malaysia, Libya, and Kuwait.”

Senior Geology & Geocellular ModellingConsultant

Jamin DePrang

“Steve has 40+ years as a geochemist in a career that has included working in service companies (Masspec Analytical, APT), a government agency (GNS, New Zealand) and academia (Royal Holloway, University of London). He has been at APT since 2005 APT working on a range of projects, applying geochemical analysis to the assessment of petroleum systems globally, but particularly around Norway. Topics have included assessment of petroleum source rocks (including kinetics), correlation of oils and gases with source rocks, reservoir segregation, application of novel parameters in assessment of maturity, depositional environment, sources and age constraints, and alteration of petroleum accumulations. Steve is coauthor of the textbook, ‘An Introduction to Organic Geochemistry’ as well as 30+ refereed papers.”

Organic Geochemist

Stephen Killops

“Bastian is a sedimentologist with particular interest on clastic reservoirs. He studied geology at the Technical University Clausthal in Germany with emphasis on petroleum geology and geophysics. After a 3-year researcher position in Marine Geology at the University of Bremen, he joined Fronterra Geoscience in Vienna in 2008. There he started working with Borehole Image Tools particularly the interpretation of the sedimentological aspects of borehole images. Since then, he has worked in reservoirs in Austria, Central Asia, Germany, Middle East, Northern and Central Africa, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Switzerland and the United States. Most of the projects were in clastic sediments, but he worked also on carbonate and structural reservoirs. In 2017 Bastian was among the founders of NiMBUC Geoscience, where he leads sedimentological and geothermal projects and is also the project manager for the borehole image interpretation on the research wells for the Swiss Nuclear Waste Storage project. As a native German speaker, he can provide training in German and English. ”

Co-Founder and Senior Geologist

Bastian Roters

“Tim is a structural geologist with over 35 years of wide-ranging experience in hydrocarbon exploration, appraisal and production. His experience ranges from basin-wide evaluations, through field scale interpretations and analysis, to fractured core studies. Prior to forming Needham Geoscience in late 2007, Tim was a Senior Project Manager with Rock Deformation Research Limited, a structural geology spin-out company based at Leeds University. Before that he worked for BP Exploration, Badley Earth Sciences and Robertson Research. Geographically, Tim’s experience covers many regions including the North Sea/NW European margin, Middle East, throughout Africa, South America and the Gulf of Mexico. Tim’s particular fields of expertise are structural restoration and model building, fault and fault seal analysis, analysis of natural fracture systems using core and image logs and regional structural studies. He has long been involved in training and mentoring other geoscientists, particularly as a Visiting Senior Lecturer in Applied Structural Geology at Leeds University where he taught on the Structural Geology with Geophysics Masters course. I have delivered training courses in structural geology, fault seal analysis and fractured reservoir description in the UK and overseas. Tim co-authored ‘Quantitative Fault Seal Prediction’ that was awarded Best Seminal Paper by AAPG Petroleum Structure & Geomechanics Division in 2017.”

Structural geologist and CEO

Tim Needham

“Mark has been a Petroleum Geochemist for 35+ years, during which time he has gained extensive experience of petroleum geochemistry and applications to petroleum geology in many parts of the World. Mark joined APT in 2007 as a Senior Geochemist and has carried out a large range of projects including petroleum geochemical evaluation and petroleum systems modelling. He has been involved in multiple regional-scale projects including concession rounds. He also has an MSc in mathematics and specializes in mathematical modelling and statistical data analyses.”

Petroleum Geochemist

Mark Bastow

“Martin has over 35 years experience as a petroleum geochemist and has been with APT since 2013. He has worked in industry, government, and academia, on projects all over the globe. These include a wide range of petroleum exploration and development projects that have included both conventional and ‘unconventional’ (shale and heavy oil) petroleum systems analysis. He has published over 90 peer reviewed papers as well as a very large number of government and industry reports and given numerous presentations. He has been providing short courses to industry for over 25 years, as well as lecturing in universities. ”

Senior Geochemist

Martin Fowler

“Julian spent 11 years with BP, before joining APT in 2015, originally as Managing Director and Technical Director of APT UK. His industry experience includes exploration as well as appraisal and development. He has deep expertise in Petroleum Systems Modelling/Analysis and in its integration across geoscientific disciplines over the whole E&P spectrum. Julian has been heavily involved in the development of Girasol, a well site gas evaluation software and has been reviewing how APT can apply its skill set to the energy transition field (CCS, Wind, Hydrogen, Geothermal).”

Chief Technology Officer

Julian Moore

“Richard has 35+ years of petroleum geochemical experience, including positions at BP, Equinor, Unocal and Chevron. He has been a consulting petroleum geochemist and U.S. representative for APT since 2016. Richard has worked in all parts of the world on both conventional and unconventional plays. He has taught classes in petroleum geochemistry, both in oil companies and at conferences for 30 years. He has published 57 peer reviewed papers and made many conference presentations.”

Consulting Petroleum Geochemist

Richard Patience

“ Christoph has 18 years of experience with Statoil, Maersk and Geoprovider in organic geochemistry, basin modelling and hydrocarbon exploration. He has expertise in multiple geological settings and petroleum systems with a special focus on hydrocarbon source rock evaluation and petroleum migration. Christoph has worked with the identification, definition, resource assessment and risking of exploration projects at all scales, from basin evaluation and play analysis to prospect maturation and well evaluation. These have included long-term regional projects, licensing round applications, data room evaluations and drilling activities. Christoph has been with APT since 2020.”

Petroleum Systems Analyst/Senior Geochemist

Christoph Kierdorf

“Dr. Nicola Levi, Co-Founder of NiMBUC Geoscience, is a senior structural geologist with more than 15 years of experience in both academia and industry. He performed research projects working as a field structural geologist in many European orogens: Apennine, Alpine Corsica, Western Alps, Eastern Alps, Dinarides. Since 2008 he has been involved in borehole geoscience and geomechanical modeling in both research and industrial projects. Nicola delivered several seminars on structural geology, tectonics and geomechanics at various Universities in Italy and Austria. Nicola Levi speaks Italian, English and German.”

Senior Structural Geologist

Nicola Levi

“Eric is a subject matter expert in application of geochemistry and basin modelling for basin and field scale problems. Eric has 32+ years of industry experience (ConocoPhillips, USGS, Mobil, Sohio) in conventional and unconventional (e.g., heavy oil, CBM, shale oil/gas) reservoirs performing subsurface risk and resource assessment for in-place volumes, hydrocarbon phase prediction and field development and optimization. Eric managed a geochemistry & basin modelling team at COP and mentored multiple geoscientists and engineers. He has coauthored 45+ publications and patents, many specific to unconventional reservoir development. He joined APT in 2022.”

Chief Geochemical Advisor (Americas)

Eric Michael

“Mr. Dillon is a registered professional engineer (Wyoming and Texas) with over 42 years of experience in all aspects of reservoir engineering including numerical simulation, technical and economic project evaluation, secondary and tertiary recovery processes, and property acquisitions. His background includes a wide range of experience and skills gained from reservoir, production, and drilling assignments. Recent projects include constructing and utilizing multi-reservoir compositional models, gas storage reservoir analysis and EOR evaluations.”

Senior Consultant - Engineering

Richard Dillon

“Steve is a highly experienced biostratigrapher, with over 35 years’ experience in applied stratigraphy. This includes numerous routine post-drill biostratigraphic studies, fieldwork, equity redetermination, regional and reservoir scale review studies, integration of biostratigraphy as part of multi-disciplinary reservoir studies, secondment to client teams, provision of expert technical courses and wellsite applications. He has extensive experience of Cenozoic to Palaeozoic stratigraphy and biostratigraphy, in both carbonate and clastic environments, from a range of geological settings across the globe, including North-West Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Far East, North and South America, West Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Australia. He has also published widely on aspects of stratigraphy and biostratigraphy from North-West Europe and the Middle East. Current research interest’s include selected intervals of the Jurassic, Lower and Upper Cretaceous, onshore UK and Cretaceous stratigraphy of the Middle East.”

Senior Stratigrapher and Director

Stephen Packer

“Craig holds a B.Sc. (Hon.) in Earth Sciences from the University of Glasgow and a Ph.D. in Mineralogy and Geochemistry from the University of Liverpool. Prior to joining APT in 2021, Craig worked for Elementar UK and Elementar Americas as an instrument & applications specialist, and for GeoMark Research, first as a senior geochemist, and then as Director of Reservoir Geochemistry. For the past 6+ years his technical & research projects have focused on the geochemistry of petroleum systems both ‘conventional’ and especially ‘unconventional’, using an array of techniques and workflows. He has authored over 30 peer-reviewed papers, given numerous conference presentations and is the co-theme chair for geochemistry at the annual Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC).”

Global Product Director

Craig Barrie

“As a Reservoir Quality Specialist with over 30 years’ experience, Dorothy specialises in integrated clastic reservoir quality assessments covering turbidite, aeolian, paralic and glaciogenic reservoirs from around the globe. Her specialism collection, evaluation and up-scaling of the petrographical and pore-scale attributes of the studied reservoirs within their sedimentological context. Dorothy’s experience makes her an excellent mentor offering wide ranging training from field scale to fine detail.”